Man – I – Festo

any celebratory gathering of men with big egos.


Mani Festo!

an exclamation traditionally given in the presence of bad skin, common to all Romance languages.  


Manif Esto

any half-French-Algerian, half-Spanish transsexual who sells you overpriced hash at Schlesisches Tor, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany, New Year’s Day, 2001.  


“Man, If Esto…”

an unfinished thought, indicative of fear, suspicion, or delight in transgression. 


“Man, I festo…”

an embarrassing revelation, an admission of failure, See FAMOUS LAST WORDS. 


M. Anifesto

b. 1929, Nutley, NJ.



the draft upon which Manifest-I is to be based.